Dermacol Noblesse Fusion Make-up



For A Flawless Skin Appearance

The opaque make-up unifies and retouches the imperfections of your skin. It is very light thanks to its liquid texture, which is comfortably applied with a dropper applicator. It gives the skin a velvety, flawless look and softness that lasts all day long.

Benefits: Liquid, almost invisible make-up, Light, does not clog pores, With a dropper for an easy application, Evens the skin tone and conceals any imperfections, Contains avocado oil and vitamin E, The effect of a velvety smooth skin, SPF 10.

Use: Apply a make-up base onto cleansed and treated skin. Before using Noblesse Make-Up, shake the bottle well. Unscrew the top and draw liquid in the dropper by pressing your fingers. Drop a required amount of make-up on a sponge or on the top of your hand, and then spread evenly over your face. For a perfect appearance and a maximum duration of your make-up, finish with the Dermacol Fixing Powder.

Volume: 25ml

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