Another news from Dermacol. Invisible fixing powder with banana scent.

The banana powder has a yellow color and doesn’t contain glitters. The yellow undertone is perfect to eliminate red skin tones and it’ll flawlessly fix the under eye area. You can use it as a brightening powder when applied under the eyes and on the T-zone. When brightening your face, apply the powder over a creamy makeup or concealer for better adhesion.

This light, transparent fixing powder with a powder puff was designed to give your skin a velvet like appearance. The powder has a magic banana shade and fixes all kinds of foundations to create an even and soft look and prevents your skin from becoming oily throughout the day.

It mattifies your skin while makes it glow at the same time! The powder is perfect for oily skin if you want to prevent it from shining, yet make it look fresh and glowing. It nicely covers skin redness and makes your skin look healthier. I would also recommend it for contouring as a brightening powder. Even though it is without glitters, it can nicely brighten the under eye area.

Benefits of this product:
Suitable as a contouring and brightening powder
Flawlessly mattifies the skin
It is translucent so it doesn’t change the color of your foundation
Ultra light texture
Each powder contains a powder-puff

I thing Dermacol makes better and more sophisticated products. One of them is definitely Invisible Fixing powder, which straightly became one of my favourite.

TIP: Apply your favourite foundation and corrector. Then apply the banana powder under your eyes, on your nose and chin. Use a wet makeup sponge or a small brush for even and precise application. Ideally, use the brush or a sponge only for the powder, so it’s not contaminated by other products. Let it bake for a while and then wipe out any extra powder with a fine brush.

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The powder has a fine matte finish and therefore, you can also use it as a fixative powder to mattify the entire face.

March 22, 2019