Where to find an ideal foundation?

For Snowflakes and Dark-skinned Types. Where to find an ideal foundation? Here with us and everything from Dermacol!

The right shade of a foundation? Whether you have light skin as a snowflake or you’re an extremely dark type, we have a rescue for you. We know where you can get a foundation.

Choosing a foundation that fits your skin's texture is one thing. The second, a bit harder, thing is to choose the ideal shade. This can be problematic if you have extremely light or darker skin. There is nothing worse than a colour change between the face and neck on the jaw, and when you see unnecessary deposits of product at first glance. Perfect foundation should look like your second skin. It should be invisible and make your skin simply more beautiful and spotless.

How to choose the perfect shade?

Have you gone through all the shops and online shops, and still haven’t found fitting shade anywhere? The biggest problem has lighter type, so we primarily focused on choosing the lightest shades.

When choosing the right shade, you should stand ideally in daylight and apply a foundation to your face and neck. The colour of the foundation should be rather similar to the colour of your neck. Describe the undertone of your skin - pink is for cold types (look for the word "ivory" on the label), yellow one is for warm types ("beige"). The problem with light foundations is that they are commonly available with pink undertones. So watch for both the intensity of the shade and its undertone.

If you already buy a bad shade, you can always lighten it with a moisturizing cream. If you have a dry skin, this trick will help you because the skin gets extra hydration. But you have to count on the fact that this reduces the covering power of a foundation. Or you can mix two different shades to create a new, amazingly fitting shade. And when everything fails, invest in a fixing powder that is applied with a flat brush. You can get it even in a neutral shade, which means that it is neither warm nor cold.

High coverage and long-lasting

An ideal foundation for problematic skin? Do you need the makeup to stay in place all day long?

The right choice is Dermacol's waterproof and extremely covering Make-up Cover, and also long-lasting foundation and corrector Caviar Long Stay from Dermacol.

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If you are not sure about the Make-up Cover’s shade, we recommend you to visit this page, which may help you with the choosing - DERMACOL MATCH THE SHADE

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Light and highlighting texture

Do you prefer lighter layers of make up? Then go for lighter textures with light to medium coverage. Look for the word "brightening" in the product labels. Ideal are also BB creams, which, like brightening makeups, never create an unwanted mask effect, but helps the face to glow. Bb magic beauty cream 8in1 has same perfect performance as Selfie make-up also from Dermacol.


If you have problematic skin with acne or your skin gets very oily during the day, use mattifying foundations. It keeps unwanted shine under control for much longer than lighter-textured foundations. Matt control make-up is a perfect choice.

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April 03, 2019 — Petra Lukasikova