Dermacol Caviar Long Stay Make-up & Corrector



Long-lasting Make-up With Caviar Extracts And Perfecting Concealer Caviar Long Stay

Long-lasting make-up with caviar extracts and the perfecting concealer Caviar Long Stay is a highly effective product at a professional level. The concealer under the eyes brightens the eye area and at the same time covers the skin color imperfections. Firming make-up with caviar, which stimulates and smoothes the skin, has a light, velvety consistency and long-term hiding power. Quality makeup deeply hydrates the skin, nourishes it and protects it throughout the day. The brightening concealer together with the make-up unifies the skin in color, brightens it and leaves a velvety look without wrinkles.

Benefits: Hypoallergenic, with caviar extracts.

Use: Apply moisturizer and foundation under makeup. Then apply concealer to your eyes, blemishes and other skin imperfections by tapping with your finger. Then apply makeup and spread it evenly. Fix the whole make-up with fixing powder and finish the cheeks with blush.

Volume: 30ml

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