Dermacol 12h True Colour Eyeliner



Long-lasting Wooden Eye Pencil

It contains a high amount of intense color pigments, thanks to which you can beautifully draw the eyeliner with just one application. The creamy and long-lasting texture lasts up to 12 hours on your eyes. 12H True Color Eyeliner can be used as a crayon pencil to draw a more intense eyeliner or a well-defined line. The pencil is suitable for applying a line inside the eye, the so-called WATER LINE = by applying a lower, inner line for optical magnification and brightening of the eyes; ideal for smaller or tired eyes. Thanks to its stability, it can withstand even extremely high temperatures - max. 50 ° C.

Benefits: A high content of colored pigments, A creamy and long-lasting texture, High heat resistance.

Use: Gently apply onto your eyelids and draw a thin line along the lash line. The closer to your eyelashes you draw the line, the denser your eyelashes will appear.

Volume: 2g

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