Alpa AVIRIL baby oil with azulene

This oil is intended for treatment and cleaning of the fine skin of babies. It contains chamomile belonging among the herbs providing the most intensive calming effects in the world. Besides this, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasm effects, which bring benefits to the entire body. It is necessary to mention its disinfection effects as well. Chamomile helps to soothe skin inflammations. It contains antibacterial components which can accelerate treatment of the infections that have already arisen as well. Azulene, ethereal chamomile oil, has healing and antiseptic effects too. Aviril brings relief to dried, itchy skin or to skin burnt by sunshine. The oil creates a film on the baby's skin, which protects its form turning red, bedsores and weather impacts. With regard to its positive effects on the skin it is suitable for adult patients too.

Volume: 50 g