Alpa Herbal Gel With Mugo Pine

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By Alpa

Alpa Herbal Bylinny Gel S Kosodrevinou

This gel ensures extra strong and efficient cooling, limiting pains of the locomotion system - back, neck, muscles and spine. The basic activesubstances contained in the gel include Mugopine and Scots pine essential oils strengthenedwith natural menthol.

Benefits: The essential oils supporttreatment of rheumatism and holarthritis and they also reduce inflammations and eliminateswellings. It is suitable for use in case of bruisesand sprains. Gel massage before physical loadsis good prevention against muscular fever, strainingand injuring of muscles and tendons. The gel does not leave any unpleasant film and it is quickly absorbed by the skin.

Use: Use during massage.

Volume: 250ml