Alpa Konsky Balzam - Warming Balm

By Alpa

Alpa Warming Horse Balm - Hrejivy

Suitable for massage and warming up parts of the body both before increased physical activity, as well as for relaxation and faster regeneration of strained and tired muscles.

Benefits: The active ingredient VBE (Vanillyl Butyl Ether) provides a significant warming effect and, in combination with rosemary, reduces joint and back pain and problems associated with arthritis, tendonitis and rheumatism. It contributes to the relaxation and blood circulation of the skin, accelerates recovery.

Use: Recommendation: In sensitive individuals, an allergic reaction to any of the active substances of the product may occur. Before application, we recommend checking the product's own compatibility on small parts of the skin on the forearms.

Volume: 250ml

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