Bohemia Gifts - Beer Spa Foaming Bath Ball 100 G - Beer


Sparkling Bomb 100 G - With Extracts Of Brewer's Yeast And Hops

The handmade sparkling foaming bath ball with extracts from beer yeast and hops dissolves spectacularly and releases very mild foaming and washing substances into the bath. Our fizzy bomb foams, cleans effectively and does not contaminate the bath. Create a beer bath right in your own home.

Benefits: A unique bath additive that dissolves spectacularly and boisterously while releasing very mild foaming and cleansing agents, oil treatment agents and a pleasant fragrance into the bath. It is a full-strength bath additive that not only fizzes and smells spectacular, but also contains ingredients that gently and qualitatively wash the skin and help protect it from excessive dryness. The bath tub will be clean after use without greasy and difficult to dissolve deposits.

Use: Depending on the foam intensity requirement, add up to 100 g per 50 litres of bath water to the warm water. A rich foam is created by inflation or mechanical movement. After the bath, take a shower with clean water.

Volume: 100g