Bohemia Gifts - Botanica Bohemia Shower Gel 200 Ml - Rosehips And Roses

SKU: BC190027

Creamy Shower Gel

Handmade creamy shower gel with rosehip and rose flower extracts 200 ml. The shower gel has an attractive textile label and gently washes your skin.

Benefits: A gentle personal care product suitable for washing the whole body, with a captivating modern fragrance. It is enriched with cosmetic olive oil and high-quality extracts of rosehip (Rosa Canina) and rose (Rosa Centifolia) flowers, which contain flavonoids, fruit acids and other beneficial substances. Combined with the quality washing ingredients of the formula, a product with a gentle action on the skin is created. The rich foam is suitable for daily use, gently cleanses and leaves your skin fresh and beautifully scented.

Use: For washing the whole body.

Volume: 200ml

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