Bohemia Gifts - Botanica Set Gel 200ml, Shampoo 200ml And Soap 100g - Rose

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Composition of the cosmetic gift package.

Cosmetic gift package consisting of products of premium cosmetics Botanica Bohemia - rosehips and roses. The original gift set includes shower gel 200 ml, hair shampoo 200 ml and handmade toilet soap 100 g with extracts of rosehips and rose flowers.

Shower gel: Botanica Bohemia - premium shower gel with rosehip and rose flower extracts 200 ml. The shower gel is enriched with cosmetic olive oil and high quality extracts of rosehip (Rosa Canina) and rose blossom (Rosa Centifolia), which contain flavonoids, fruit acids and other beneficial substances. Combined with the quality washing ingredients of the formula, a product with a gentle action on the skin is created. The rich foam is suitable for daily use, gently cleanses and leaves your skin fresh and beautifully scented.

Hair shampoo: Botanica Bohemia - premium hair shampoo with rosehip and rose flower extracts 200 ml. Gentle hair shampoo suitable for all hair types. The special formula contributes to high-quality hair care, skin hygiene and skin vitality. The product contains extracts of rose hips (Rosa Canina) and rose flowers (Rosa Centifolia), which contain flavonoids, fruit acids and other beneficial substances that contribute to gentle hair washing and help keep hair naturally soft and smooth.

Toilet soap: Botanica Bohemia - premium mild toilet soap 100 g with rosehip and rose flower extracts. Gentle creamy toilet soap with glycerine and extracts of chamomile (Chamomilla recutita L.), calendula (Calendula officinalis L.), salvia (Salvia officinalis L.), nettle (Urtica dioica L.) and white birch (Betula alba L.). It gently and effectively washes the skin of the whole body without over-drying it.

The cosmetic gift pack is originally designed as a book. When you open the front of the box, you will see rose cosmetic products on one side and interesting information about the use of rosehip and rose in cosmetics on the cover. It is an unconventional, but all the more attractive gift package of pink cosmetics. Czech book description