Bohemia Gifts: Rum Bath Bath Pivrnec - 300 Ml

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Oil Bath With Olive And Grape Seed Oil And Rum Aroma

Oil bath 300 ml with olive and grape seed oil and rum aroma with motifs of the unmistakable Rudy Pivrnec. Oil bath with rum aroma is a modern personal care product to improve the quality of skin care for the whole body.

Benefits: A modern personal care product to improve skin care for the whole body. The combination of gentle washing ingredients with eudermic oils of olive (Olea Europaea) and grape (Vitis vinifera) ensures effective and gentle washing, treatment and avoidance of excessive drying of the skin. The formulation takes advantage of modern trends in the use of fragrances without allergenic substances, followed in cosmetic products and contributes to a good feeling after personal hygiene.

Use: Pour any amount of the product into the stream of warm water according to the foam intensity requirement and indulge in the pleasant sensations of the bath.

Volume: 300ml