Dermacol Botocell Blur Instant Smoothing & Lifting Care


BT Cell Blur Instant Smoothing & Lifting Care - Instant Smoothing and Lifting Care

This is a unique and innovative lifting preparation for immediate wrinkle lifting! Its unique technology ensures instant wrinkle lifting and leaves your skin soft and luminous. It has the same effect as the application of Botox. The complete line for the correction of facial wrinkles smoothens and softens the lines in your face, reduces wrinkles and prevents their formation. Brightening optical pigments provide a perfect glowing appearance to your skin. BT Cell Blur smoothens and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, eliminates the signs of flabbiness and fatigue and leaves your skin refreshed and smooth.

Benefits: A unique innovative technology, Instant wrinkle lifting, Instant skin brightening, Contains active substances for an immediate effect.

Use: Apply in the morning onto completely cleansed skin. Apply with circular motions proceeding from the inner to the outer side of your face. Avoid eye contact.

Volume: 50ml

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