Dermacol Contour palette



Conceal Your Imperfections and Highlight Your Strengths

The palette combining matte colors and brighteners is designed for face contouring. In a few strokes, you will highlight the cheekbones, chin, nose and forehead, while brightening the cheeks and eye area. Elegant packaging suitable for a handbag.

Benefits: Face shaping and highlighted features.

Use: It is important to realize that contouring shades must be applied only to perfectly treated and evened skin! First, apply a traditional make-up base, then follow with your favorite make-up and a powder, and only then start contouring. The golden rule is that those parts you want to suppress should be contoured with dark shades, while the parts that you want to highlight should receive light shades. Don’t forget to use a suitable contouring brush – the D53 Blush & Contouring Brush is perfect). Ideally, define the shape of your face in advance and decide which parts of it you want to suppress and which ones you want to enhance. One very important thing about contouring is to properly blend the dark and light shades so that there are no sharp transitions and the contouring seems natural. Don’t forget to use a blush to make your face look natural. Finally, we recommend using the Longwear Make-Up Fixing Spray to perfectly lock your make-up and make it last much longer.

Volume: 12g

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