Dermacol 3D Hyaluron Therapy Serum


An Intense Wrinkle-filler Serum

This highly effective remodeling lifting serum is a revolutionary alternative to hyaluronic acid injections. It protects your skin and restores its firmnss and structure. It provides long-term moisturizing, retains water in the deep layers of the skin and stimulates regeneration. It makes your skin distinctively softer, eliminates the formation of wrinkles and makes your skin more radiant. Clinical trials have confirmad visible results as soon as 6 hours after application: 76% of all test subjects confirmed better skin appearance and 71% of the test subjects confirmed the lifting of eye wrinkles.

Benefits: Rejuvenated skin in just 14 days, Firm and renewed skin structure, An alternative to Hyaluronic injections.

Use: Apply twice a day onto your skin and neck before applying your day and night cream, gently massage into your skin. For best results, we recommend repeating the two-week treatment every 2 months and combining the serum with other products from the 3D Hyaluron Therapy line.

Volume: 12ml

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