Dermacol Acneclear Antibacterial Face Wash Gel


Antibacterial Face Gel With Tea Tree Oil

Acneclear - Antibacterial face cleansing gel with Australian tea tree oil and Zincidone. Do you suffer from acne and acne skin problems? Acneclear antibacterial cleansing and gentle gel is intended for the care of problematic skin prone to acne. Removes impurities, visibly tightens pores, promotes regeneration and soothes the skin. Deep cleansing gel effectively removes oily and acneous skin and leaves the face clean, without unwanted drying.

Benefits: Dermatologically tested - with Australian tea tree oil and Zincidone, Gently removes impurities and sebum from the skin, Reduces the visibility of blackheads.

Use: Apply morning and evening onto your face, wash gently with circular motions and then rinse with water. For final cleansing and quicker pore contraction, use Acneclear Calming Lotion.

Volume: 150ml

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