Dermacol Acneclear Make-up Removal & Cleansing Gel


Make-up Remover and Cleansing Gel

The antibacterial make-up remover and cleansing gel with Australian tea tree oil was specially developed for problematic skin. It gently removes make-up and any impurities, and visibly reduces and cleans your pores while leaving your skin perfectly clean and fresh. The active ingredients of Zincidone and salicylic acid eliminate the formation of sebum, remove dead skin cells and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits: Dermatologically tested - with Australian tea tree oil and Zincidone, Gently removes impurities and sebum from the skin, Reduces the visibility of blackheads.

Use: Apply onto wet skin and gently massage, then rinse with water. Avoid the area around your eyes.

Volume: 250ml

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