Dermacol Beautifying Brightening Peel-off Metallic Mask


Single-use Brightening Peel-off Mask

Brightening peeling face mask with apricot oil, thanks to which your skin will be brightened and softened. Thanks to its composition, it leaves the skin firmer, more radiant and helps eliminate signs of fatigue. The skin is smooth and firm to the touch. Apricot oil - smoothes the skin and softens the skin. The pearlescent composition of the fine peeling mask ensures that the ritual of care in the privacy of your home turns into a luxurious moment of relaxation.

Benefits: Paraben-free, Sweetly Fragranced, Brightens and Softens the Skin, In Beautiful Colors, Metallic.

Use: Apply twice to three times weekly in an even layer onto cleansed skin. Leave on until completely dry, then peel off.

Volume: 15ml

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