Dermacol Blackcurrant And Praline Edp 50ml


Blackurrant And Praline

Perfumed water for free-spirited women. The fruit veil of blackcurrant and grapefruit flowers is full of spontaneous joy and the desire to dance fully until dawn. The blooming rose and jasmine thus entices and entices you to smell and pluck the flower just for yourself. The warm heart of the scent, only for the chosen ones, opens the sweetness of rare woods, chocolate pralines and vanilla. Bold and unforgettable.

Benefits: The fragrances were jointly developed by Dermacol and laboratories in Provence, France, They can be combined to create a unique personal, customized scent, Eau de Parfum – a higher concentration of fragrant elements.

Use: For a long-lasting scent, apply onto the pulse points.

Volume: 50ml

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