Dermacol Caviar Energy Eye and Lip Cream

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Anti-aging Eye and Lip Cream

The CAVIAR ENERGY Lifting Eye and Lip Cream was developed especially for the fine skin around your eyes and lips. It is very effective against lines located in the eye and lip area, it eliminates dark circles under the eyes and effectively reduces any puffiness and swelling. This anti-aging cream is great for lifting flabby eyelids. It smoothens and revitalizes the skin around your eyes and lips and makes it firmer. It minimizes all signs of aging and restores eye and lip contours. Strong allies to fight skin aging - caviar extract, squalene, microalgae, coenzyme Q1O and macadamia oil effectively fight the loss of firmness and intercellular skin structure. Thanks to the Terminalia arjuna bark extract, it brings immediate results. Arjuna is one of the most beneficial plants used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

Benefits: Fragrance free, It is very effective against the wrinkles located around your eyes and lips, Reduces dark circles under your eyes.

Use: Apply around your eyes, onto the eyelids and around your lips in the morning and in the evening.

Volume: 15ml

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