Dermacol Caviar Energy Face Mask


Anti-aging Face Mask

Caviar Energy Firming Face Mask is the fastest and most effective beautifying treatment you can indulge in the comfort of your home. The concentrated composition of the mask awakens skin renewal, adds lost cellular nutrients and immediate hydration. The express lifting mask strengthens the skin and contours, immediately restores skin volume and visibly smoothes it. The creamy composition with caviar extract, squalene, seaweed, coenzyme Q1O, macadamia oil and Moroccan rose extract visibly fills the skin, restores it to a youthful appearance and provides the necessary hydration.

Benefits: In just a few minutes, it visibly revitalizes the skin. It lifts flabby skin and makes it firmer. It helps minimize wrinkles and fine lines. Practical packaging for two applications.

Use: Apply onto cleansed skin, leave on for 15 minutes and then massage any residual mask into the skin or gently wipe it off. Recommended use: once to twice per week.

Volume: 2x8g

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