Dermacol Chamomile Nail And Cuticle Oil

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Chamomile oil for nails and cuticles

Chamomile oil for nails and cuticles with a practical roll on applicator that perfectly cares for and nourishes your nails. The deeply nourishing chamomile oil is enriched with vitamins A and E, which intensively regenerates the cuticle and strengthens the nails. You can use the softening oil with chamomile flowers at any time of the day. Enjoy the soothing scent of chamomile, which has beneficial effects on your entire mind.

Benefits: Practical roll on applicator, With real chamomile flowers, With vitamin A and E.

Use: Apply a small amount of oil and gently massage into the nail bed, cuticles and around the nails until it is absorbed. We recommend using it every day to support nail growth, prevent nail fraying and cuticle nails.

Volume: 12ml