Dermacol Collagen+ Body Milk


Rejuvenating Body Lotion Collagen With Coenzyme Q10

Rejuvenating body lotion Collagen with coenzyme Q10, olive oil, glycerin and collagen of natural origin helps regenerate skin cells. Protects the skin of the body and maintains its natural moisture. Coenzyme Q10 improves its relief and helps to strengthen it. The milk is well absorbed, the skin is nourished, smooth and firmed. Thanks to the high content of amino acids (especially hydroxyproline), it perfectly increases skin hydration, elasticity and skin tone. This carefully prevents the loss of water from the skin.

Benefits: High hydration and regeneration.

Use: Apply to the body once a day. Thanks to regular use, your skin will be velvety smooth, perfectly nourished and intensely hydrated.

Volume: 250ml