Dermacol Crystal Look Automatic Eyeliner



Perfectly defined eyeliner with a shimmering effect

Perfectly defined eyeliner with a shimmering effect and very intense pigmentation. Crystal Look automatic, waterproof and retractable eye pencil with a creamy texture with glittering, metallic and metallic effects. It draws a precise line on your eyes, which underlines your perfect view. The creamy and long-lasting texture lasts on your eyes for up to 24 hours.

Benefits: Ophthalmologically tested, waterproof, long-lasting texture, Vegan.

Use: Apply to the lower or lower lid according to the desired shape. The pencil is suitable for applying a line inside the eye, the so-called water line = applying a lower, inner line for optical magnification and brightening of the eyes; ideal for smaller or tired eyes. After application, it dries gently, which ensures its durability.

Volume: 0,3g

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