Dermacol Eyebrow Perfector Automatic Eyebrow Pen



Eyebrow Pencil With A Brush

The eyebrows shape your facial expression. It has never been easier to achieve perfect results. A practical automatic pencil with an integrated eyebrow brush on the other end will be of great assistance to your make-up routine. Its fine and creamy formula is easy to apply and guarantees a natural appearance. The Eyebrow Perfector is water-resistant, vegan-friendly and paraben-free. It contains shea butter and Carnauba wax.

Benefits: Eyebrow pencil & brush in one, Water-resistant formula, Fine and soft, Creamy formula, Contains shea butter and Carnauba wax, Vegan product, Paraben-free.

Use: Contour your eyebrows into the desired shape and then touch them up with the specially shaped brush. Once you are happy with the result, we recommend using a fixing powder or a transparent mascara. You will love the result!

Volume: 3g