Dermacol First Class Lashes Mascara Primer


Increase the volume of your lashes with these super volumetric, ultra nourishing First class lashes

Increase the volume of your lashes with this super-volume, ultra-nourishing First class lashes underlay with mascara. Peptide-enriched formula promotes algae growth!
Unique beige shade - a natural effect compared to the original white materials already known on the market. Therefore, the black pigments of the top mascara adhere better.
In addition, eyelashes are protected, which makes mascara last much longer.

Benefits: Adds volume to eyelashes and lengthens them, Supports algae growth.

Use: Apply from the roots of the lashes to the ends by moving from side to side. Allow to dry, then apply your favorite Dermacol mascara. GENERAL TIP: Always remove grease from the lashes before applying mascara - watch out for remnants of make-up removers or creams, no mascara sticks to greasy lashes, it can crumble or get stuck.

Volume: 7,5ml

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