Dermacol Gift Set Crush

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Basic Trinity For Decorative Care Of Every Woman

A gift package containing a basic trinity for the decorative care of every woman. Mascara for a great volume of lashes, nail polish that lasts up to 5 days and a long-lasting lip gloss with a diamond effect is ideal for every lover of decorative cosmetics who wants to impress their surroundings with a well-groomed and original look. Don´t be jealous mascara with a scandalous volume despite its purely vegan composition. The classic brush, which has a twisted open spiral of fibers for the possibility of combing lashes, leaves the individual lashes separate, without sticking, and gets right to their roots. Crystal Crush is a diamond and long-lasting shimmering lip gloss that lasts up to 8 hours on your lips without feeling dry. It catches the eye at first glance thanks to the large glittering crystals. Do not forget to use a long-lasting nail polish 5 day stay extremely long-lasting - it lasts a perfect 5 days, does not peel, does not fade and does not lose shine. Package includes: Crystal Crush diamond lip gloss, NO.05, Don´t be jealous mascara - Vegan mascara for great eyelash volume, Long-lasting nail polish 5 day stay, No.16 Miami Style

Benefits: Practical packaging in a beautiful cosmetic bag.