Dermacol Lash Booster Mascara


A Lengthening Mascara And Eyelash Serum In One

Boost your lashes to the maximum. Unique mascara with exceptional results. Do you also long for infinitely long lashes that will give your view of seduction? The solution is easy. With our Extra Mascara Elongation and Eyelash Growth Serum in one, you can achieve instant optical eyelash extensions by up to 30% just by applying mascara alone. After fifteen days of regular use, it will lengthen your lashes by up to an incredible 33%. In addition to growth, it will also support the volume and strength of lashes and at the same time highlight even the shortest, almost invisible lashes. Thanks to the active ingredient Biotinoyl GHK, your algae will be nourished and strengthened from the roots and their growth will be truly unstoppable.

Benefits: Vegan, Free of parabens, Free of silicones, Free of mineral oils.

Use: Apply with two strokes from the roots to the ends. Eyelashes grow in cycles and with our serum, the cycle is reduced due to their faster and more distinctive growth; this can give you the impression that your eyelashes are falling out. They are only being naturally replaced by new ones.

Volume: 9,5ml

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