Dermacol Natural Nourishing Almond Face Mask


Natural Almond Face Mask

Natural nourishing almond face mask for very dry and sensitive skin. The ideal way to deeply nourish visibly tired and very dry skin. Nourishing cream mask with a very pleasant almond scent, which lasts on the skin even after removing the remnants of the mask. Seaweed and natural almond oil provide the skin with the necessary nutrition and leave it durable, supple and radiant. Almond mask removes impurities and relieves the skin from grayness and fatigue.

Benefits: It provides the skin with intensive nutrition, Leaves skin comfortable, After use, the skin is supple, Contains natural almond oil.

Use: Apply to cleansed and cleansed skin outside the eye and lip area and leave on for 15 minutes.

Volume: 100ml

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