Dermacol Tissue Intensive Lifting Mask


Anti-wrinkle and Revitalizing Effect

Textile 3D intensive lifting mask with cherry extract prevents premature skin aging, strengthens the skin and removes fine wrinkles. Achieve smooth lines and thorough skin hydration in just 5 minutes. The intensive textile mask contains a unique anti-wrinkle complex, famous for its rejuvenating abilities. The textile mask is made of biocellulose of natural origin, fits perfectly on the face and literally blends in with the skin like a second skin. The mask pleasantly cools, hydrates and leaves the skin fresh, brightened and rejuvenated.

Benefits: Anti-wrinkle and revitalizing effect, Immediate firming effect, Vitamin C and E.

Use: Remove the 3D cloth mask from the packaging, place over your face (the mask is very comfortable and will completely adjust to the shape of your face). Leave on for just 10 minutes.

Volume: 15ml