Indulona apricot – softening body milk

Indulona brand products have a unique formula, which provides the skin with complex care. Compared to regular body lotions, the consistency of Indulona body lotions is thicker and low in water content, which leads to more intense nutrition. At the same time, Indulona body lotions spread easily and are quickly absorbed.

Body milk Indulona apricot with softening effect is suitable for sensitive skin. The apricot oil contains B-group vitamins, which thanks to its antioxidant effects work well against aging of the skin. They help to maintain the skin young, firm and soft and provide it with shiny and healthy look. Product doesn’t contain parabens. Dermatologically tested.
  • HOW TO USE: Rub in gently into a clean skin. Apply daily.

Volume: 250 g

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