Le Chaton Brightening Serum With Vitamin C Doré

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Moisturising Serum

Moisturizing serum brightens the skin and provides the necessary amount of energy to restore the skin, protects against external influences. Gradually unifies local colour imperfections of the skin. After regular use, it lightens the skin. Suitable for difficult skin prone to pigment spots.

Benefits: The skin is visibly brighter and has a more uniform appearance, Prevents the appearance of pigmentation spots, Reduces melanin content in the basal and spinous layer of the skin by up to 95% in just 14 days when applied twice a day, Reduces melanin content in the cellular and intercellular space of the skin, Helps to reduce the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, which is an enzyme that causes skin pigmentation, Skin is hydrated thanks to hyaluronic acid, glycerin and butylene glycol,

Use: Massage a small amount of serum into cleansed skin before applying cream.

Volume: 30ml