Le Chaton Nourishing Curds Mask With Honey

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Regenerates The Skin And Restores Its Natural Tone

Nourishing curd mask with honey softens and regenerates the skin and restores its natural tone. The high content of natural antioxidants protects the skin from damage and also from some of the negative effects caused, for example, by sunlight. It is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Benefits: Softens, Regenerates, Promotes skin blood circulation, Positively affects skin quality and slows down skin aging.

Use: Apply to cleansed skin once a week. The duration of action is 15-20 minutes, remove any unabsorbed residues of the mask with a dampened sponge. Can also be used to treat stressed skin on hands and feet. Our TIP: Apply the mask after sunbathing. Although tanned skin is beautiful and has a healthy colour, it often suffers from overexposure to the sun. So give it a boost of nourishing and soothing ingredients.

Volume: 100ml