Dermacol Lily Of The Valley And Fresh Citrus Edp 50ml

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Citrus - Floral Fragrance

A perfumed water with a cosmic scent that evokes an immediate influx of positive energy. An aromatic cocktail of tangerine juice and orange bergamot will awaken your senses and stimulate your body. A handful of fresh lilies of the valley evoke a pleasant feeling of purity. A whiff of lavender accompanies him harmoniously. White jasmine provokes an aphrodisiac effect, which intensifies the tones of violet. You develop an absolute dependence on this magnetic scent.

Benefits: The fragrances were jointly developed by Dermacol and laboratories in Provence, France, They can be combined to create a unique personal, customized scent, Eau de Parfum – a higher concentration of fragrant elements.

Use: For a long-lasting scent, apply onto the pulse points.

Volume: 50ml

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