Dermacol Mega Lashes Dramatic Look Mascara


A Mascara For Dramatic Eyelash Volume

This mascara adds dramatic volume to your eyelashes. Using the special spiral brush will perfectly contour and curl your eyelashes. The perfectly adhering creamy texture based on waxes and polymers covers one eyelash after another The unique texture containing carnauba wax and beeswax, vitamin E and panthenol moisturizes your eyelashes, regenerates and protect them, while making them irresistibly shiny.

Benefits: A special spiral brush, A fine creamy wax- and polymer-based formula, Paraben-free

Use: Hold the brush in a horizontal position and move it closely from the roots towards the tips of your eyelashes so that the color is applied across their entire length. Repeat until you reach the desired volume.

Volume: 13ml

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