Dermacol Multi-purpose Brightening Palette


A Multi-functional Brightening Palette

Blush and bronzer for a healthy look and contouring. Two brighteners that can be used both dry for a soft elegant shimmer and with lightness soaked brush for glamor shine. While in the first case you achieve a subtle elegant shimmering effect, when using a moistened brush you conjure a strong glamor shine. Luxurious packaging with movable sequins and hearts and a mirror inside predestine this palette even for a gift that you decide not to hide in your purse. It smells of peaches and argan flowers.

Benefits: An original 3D design, Highlighter, blush and bronzer in one, Wet & Dry use, A large mirror is provided inside the palette.

Use: WET USE: Choose one of the highlighters or a bronzer that you want to use. Wet your brush with water and gently apply onto the desired place. (The unique texture of this product will change its consistency from powdery to creamy if mixed with water.)
Note: always use a suitable brush to apply, one drop of water is sufficient. DRY USE: Choose from the shades that you want to use, apply in the traditional way as usual. The light, fine texture is easy to apply and spread.
We recommend using a proper brush.

Volume: 10g