Ryor Hemp Soothing Serum

By Ryor

Cannabis Derma Care

Unscented, light serum with a high concentration of natural active ingredients. It is suitable for immediate soothing of irritated skin, but also for daily care of sensitive skin.

Benefits: Contains cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp, together with an effective antileukin from the Laminaria ochroleuca seaweed, ensures significant regeneration of various types of problematic skin. The natural substance from physalis then shows a calming effect, similar to corticoids, but without their known side effects. With regular application, the skin's defence is strengthened, and collagen is repaired.

Use: Also suitable for treating irritated and itchy areas around the mouth and nose, Can also be applied to irritated skin of the scalp area
dermatologically tested for regular care of the eye area.

Volume: 50ml