Ryor Ultrasound MAYA

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By Ryor

Professional Products

The non-invasive cosmetic ultrasonic massage device Maya helps to incorporate the active ingredients from cosmetics more intensively and deeper into the skin. Ultrasound is used both in the environment of professional beauty salons and for home appliance care.

Thanks to the variety of products, it is suitable for all skin types and helps to solve a large number of problems that bother the skin. You will only need the Conductive Gel and Serum or Mask according to your skin type for the treatment. Use the Maya ultrasound machine to work it into your skin. Unlike other instrument treatments, in addition to the conductive gel, which ensures conductivity and slipperiness, no other special products are needed.

Benefits: Ultrasound helps to incorporate the active ingredients from cosmetics deeper into the skin and thus helps to smooth and close the skin overall, improve the condition of the skin with acne, etc.

Use: Cleanse the skin with a two-phase make-up remover for all skin types, 150 ml or Moisturizing Micellar Water. Cleanse with a tonic according to skin type, eg Hydroperfekt - moisturizing skin tonic. Apply serum or mask. Apply Conductive Gel (for cosmetic ultrasound devices) and apply it to the skin in a circular motion using the head. You can apply the conductive gel to the skin in two ways: Apply a pea-sized conductive gel to several areas of the skin and spread it over the skin with the help of a head. Apply the conductive gel directly to the head of the ultrasound machine and spread on the skin.

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