Dermacol Wet and Dry Powder Foundation



Wet and Dry Compact Foundation

The compact powder make-up with versatile use and an incredibly soft creamy texture blends perfectly with the skin and gives it a healthy and well-groomed look. It contains vitamin E, which has antioxidant effects and counteracts skin aging.

Benefits: Feminine powdery scent, Elegant packaging with a mirror and sponge inside, For wet and dry use.

Use: Wet application = make-up effect Choose a shade that matches your natural skin color. Moisten the sponge with water and gradually apply "make-up" to the entire face until you achieve the desired coverage and the skin is perfectly uniform (the unique texture of the product changes its consistency more into a cream when mixed with water). If you want, you can then powder your face with a dry sponge or brush to get a velvety soft and matte look. The opening in the lower part of the package ensures perfect drying of the sponge for further use. Dry application = powder effect Choose a shade that matches your make-up or is one shade lighter. Use a dry sponge or large brush and apply "powder" to the entire face. Don't forget the transition between face and neck.

Volume: 6g

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