The basis of a good-looking skin is the cleansing routine. It removes dirt from the skin and prepares it for makeup application. The change between indoor and outdoor temperatures can be harmful for the skin. Temperature changes make the skin dry, so it tends to turn red and small flakes of dead skin can also appear.

On such skin is best to use a special care such as Dermacol Sensitive Calming Toner or Sensitive Cleansing Milk.

 After thorough cleansing, apply a nourishing cream with a rich texture and a highly protective effect that soothes the skin, for example, Natural almond day cream or Princess cream. We recommend using night creams during the winter. These creams eliminate formation of flakes on the face, especially between the eyebrows and the nose. Absolutely perfect is Queen night cream.

When the cream is absorbed by the skin, continue with primer and makeup. Do not forget that during the winter months a makeup without an adequate hydration can dry the skin. Please, also keep in mind that Dermacol Make-up Cover is a high covering makeup and it is important to apply a primer under it. If you suffer from dark under eye circles, use a corrector to overcome this deficiency.

Do not forget to use transparent fixative powder, which naturally mattes the skin, fixes the makeup and protects it all day long.

The lighter layers of makeup, the smaller load on the skin.

Eyes and eyebrows: We recommend light colors like white and pink in a casual makeup. Start with a white underlying eye shadow, apply it to the entire eyelid. In the second step use a pale-pink shade in the inner corner and under the eyebrows. Apply a darker pink eye shadow to the entire eyelid.

Lips: Put on your lips a thin layer of a long-lasting makeup. Then, highlight the contours of your lips by a pencil and apply colored lipstick. Apply a transparent fixative powder and gently press your lips into a paper towel. Apply the contour pencil and colored lipstick once more. The color will last longer and your lips will not dry out. If you are tired of dry and cracked lips, we recommend Trendy high-pigmentation moisturizing lipsticks (Magnetique lipstick) that will attract everyone to your lips as a magnet. These lipsticks contain vitamin E and caring oils that keep your lips beautifully hydrated. Available in 17 shades, from popular nude to distinctive red. Practical click-wrap with an attractive design.

Beautiful skin requires a proper care, so do not forget to drink and cleanse your skin regularly.

January 03, 2019