Just as it's important to find suitable glasses for your face type, it's important to choose the right makeup under them. We are going to propose makeup for two types of glasses. 

Distinctive glasses

As the first we have glasses with dominant frames that attract attention. Therefore we don’t need to highlight the eyes that much. We can choose a more subtle makeup.

First, we apply cleansing water, then apply a primer that will help to smooth and even your skin, and then apply your favorite foundation. Use fixative powder to set everything in place and apply the blush.

If the makeup is done we can focus on the eye area. Although many women think that eyebrows under glasses can not be seen, it is a mistake. The eyebrows should always be adjusted with an eyebrow pencil or shadow. Comb the brows with a brush and fill it with a pencil or shadows

Don’t use darker color of the eyebrow pencil or shadow and it is also undesirable to use eyeliner. The glasses are quite distinctive, and in combination with distinctive lines or smokey eye makeup would have an unpleasant effect.

If you can’t skip eye lines, use only a thin line on the upper eyelid. A very useful to create a thin line is a liquid eyeliner. We choose pastel or slightly shimmering shadows. For the eye-catching glasses, the eyes don’t have to be highlighted that much.

Mascara is important in this case and therefore use any of your favorite mega lashes from Dermacol.

You can wear whatever color of lipstick you wish, there is no limit for your imagination.

Less distinctive glasses

The basic routine for less distinctive glasses is similar as described for dominant frames.

Cleanse the skin, use a primer, foundation and fix it with powder. Conceal your under eye area with a concealer to have more fresh look.

For this type of glasses we can use darker eye shadows. You can add to the intensity of eyeshadows. Strong lines on both top and bottom eyelid, and also smokey eyeshadows work great. Use a highlighter to lighten and brighten the inner eye corner. Place the darker eye shadow to the outer area of the eye.

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Again, do not forget to use mascara.

Put on a bright lipstick color, try 16h lip color.



Where the glasses touch your face put a thin layer of products.

Match the color of your lipstick with the color of your glasses. If your glasses are neutral color you can wear lipstick of any color.

January 17, 2019