Apply the lip liner, lipstick and gloss to make miracles - enlarge and improve your lips. We will teach you tricks how to make your lips stand out and look more attractive. There are women who won’t go out on the street without lipstick. On the other hand, there are quite a lot of women who don’t use lipstick at all. Whether you belong to the first or second group, read this tips to get fuller, bigger and irresistible lips that you’ve always wanted.

TIP: The skin on the lips can be often dry, cracked and with dead skin cells. That is why we recommend for all lipstick and lip glosses lovers a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips. Apply the scrub twice a week, together with hydrating creams. Try coconut oil or shea butter. If you want to have perfect lips, you need to learn some tricks.

Basic scrub

A teaspoon of sugar

5-6 drops of olive oil

Mix it together in a bowl and apply the mixture on your lips. Thoroughly massage your lips using fingers and rinse with water. Each scrub should be followed by at least 15 minutes of hydration. You can use for example coconut oil for that.

Magically full lips

Everything that shines looks optically bigger. This also applies to lips. You can gain the look of full lips with glitters or glosses. If you wish to have only gloss, Metallic Lips is the choice number one. For those who love both lipsticks and glosses, the perfect product is 16h lip colour.

When it comes to colors, warm shades such as pink or champagne color can also create an impression of fuller lips. On the contrary, matte and dark shades make the effect of thinner lips. Forget about burgundy, dark brown or black shades.

If you're used to using a lip liner, start just above the natural lip line, never apply the lip liner too far from your lip line - it wouldn’t look nice and natural.

TIP: Beware of exaggerated glitter lipsticks in your casual look, glitter is more suitable for evening makeup.

How to apply lipstick on full lips?

Do you have the opposite problem and your lips look like after an aesthetic surgery? You can learn how to apply lip products so your lips don’t look rather ridiculous.

In evening makeup you can use any color in combination with a lip liner, but for casual look put emphasis on natural beauty of your full lips.

Before using lipstick, it is recommended that you apply a foundation over your lips and fix it with a powder. Then apply matte lipstick without gloss effect - Pretty matte lipstick is a perfect choice. Use natural-looking colors, for example beige or powder pink.

Lip liners aren’t recommended for big and full lips, but if you want to use it, apply a dark lip liner to lip corners and spread it over your lips until faded, then apply lipstick.

TIP: If you don’t want to attract attention to your full lips, just highlight the eyes and use balm on your lips.

Wider lower lip

You can make the lower lip look thinner if you use optical contrast by applying darker color on the lower lip and lighter color on the upper lip. Add a lip gloss to the center of the upper lip. You can also fill the lower lip with a lip liner and spread it with a fingertip or a napkin. On the upper lip apply the lip liner above the lip line and the lower lip line inside the lip surface.

Downturned lip corners

In this case, do not apply lip liner to the corners of your lips, especially do not apply lip liner to the corners of the upper lip, and turn the lower line upwards before the corners of your lips. You can even do exercise so your lips are not is the shape of a horseshoe. Try to choose from natural shades of lipsticks.



January 23, 2019