Chilly weather, fog, damp or even rain and snow. On one side, such weather can relieve your skin from constant drying in the summer. On the other side, humid conditions may unpleasantly smudge your makeup. If you want to make sure your makeup stays perfect all day long, learn to use the right products.


Does your skin look as gray and pale as the gloomy weather outside a window? Let the primer help you. It will unify the shade of your skin and give it healthier and more fresh look.
The main reason, why you should use primer, is the instant smoothing effect, as it fills inequalities on your skin. This helps your makeup last all day long, without caking in the pores or wrinkles.

TIP: Try primer Gold anti-wrinkle base. It will add flexibility and brightness to your skin.

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Eyeshadow Base

Are you looking for a flawless eyeshadows that will last until nighttime? Don’t forget to apply the eyeshadow base beforehand. It will help unite the tone of your skin and eyelids won’t dry out, as the base adds nourishment and hydration.

In addition, the base enhances adhesion of eyeshadows and keeps it in place for a very long time. The base also prevents gathering of eyeshadows in eye folds. It increases the color intensity of shadows, they are brighter and seem more pigmented.

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Waterproof Mascara

You’re probably using waterproof mascara only in the summer when you want to protect your makeup in the pool or on the beach. However, there is no need to let it dry in a drawer. Morning fog, rain and snow directly call you to use waterproof mascara. And if it’s supposed to stay all day on place - on your lashes and not around them, why not to try it right away?

Volume Mania Mascara from Dermacol is a waterproof volume mascara that adds a spectacular volume and density to the lashes with just a few moves. The long-lasting texture perfectly covers your lashes and it doesn’t make any clumps. It is highly resistant to water, humidity and tears. Black pigments will give your eyelashes a distinctive color for hypnotic look, and a specially shaped dense brush precisely covers every lash from the root and perfectly nourishes the eyelashes. 

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Kissproof lipstick

What else to say? Kissproof lipstick will withstand bad weather, brunch and passionate date. However, your lips may become dry, so keep in mind that you need to care for your lips using scrubs and moisturizers. 16h lip color is a necessity in this weather.


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Among long-lasting makeups certainly belong Dermacol's Make-up Cover. It is important to know that this makeup is extremely covering and therefore can’t be recommended to use for casual makeup routine. At least that’s how I see it and how would I recommend it. If you wish that the foundation will last all day, but don’t want a load of product on your skin, pick Caviar long stay makeup. This makeup has a silky texture and sufficient covering ability. It is weather resistant, provided you also use primer and fixing powder. This long-lasting makeup with caviar extracts is a highly effective product on a professional level.

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Fixing Powder

Fix, fix, fix. You can prolong the durability and reliability of your makeup with a fixative powder. You can choose shade from white to beige, according to the shade of your skin or makeup. Every time you use powder over your makeup, you create a protective layer on it. Beware, don’t use too much of powder. Everything in moderation.

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January 31, 2019