With the arrival of children, every mother has less time for her “beauty time”. Read on how to do it.


We recommend a reliable holder, foundation by Dermacol Caviar Long-Stay Make-Up & Corrector. Foundation is best applied with a brush or sponge. The application is easier and you can save much of the product, than if applied with fingers.  This foundation is highly covering, but for those who like light coverage, you can put a small amount on the T-Zone. On the contrary, in the case of problematic skin, you can layer the makeup beautifully. It lasts even in extreme summer temperatures. I always say that I put on the makeup in the morning and still have the same makeup in the evening.

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TIP: If you want to extend the durability of the foundation, we recommend  a primer such as Matt control makeup base.

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Concealer, brightener 

Perfect me concealer is a great product for covering any imperfections, under-eye circles and simply beautiful skin clarification. It is applied under the eyes, just where the circles are. Apply a small amount directly under your eyebrows, optically raising the eyebrows. The rule is: "Less is more”, so always apply a small amount of the product to keep the makeup natural.

TIP: You can apply the brightener with your fingers and gently tap it into the skin.


Powder, blusher, brightener

Invisible fixing powder is certainly one of the best and most highly praised powders, but it's not the only great powder from Dermacol. Beauty powder pearls is a very popular product that can be used as a powder, blusher and brightener. It is sold in three shades so everyone can choose their ideal shade.

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Buy on amazon - Dermacol Fabled Look 

TIP: If you are in a hurry, these pearls can also be used as an eye shadows.


Without eyebrows, the whole makeup is incomplete ...

The most important is unified skin and natural eyebrows. That’s fundamental. How to choose the right shade of pencil or shadow on the eyebrows? … cold brown suits most of the women. Therefore, choose these tones in the color saturation according to the color of your hair. The warm shades and colors of red suit only a few women (and they fit fare mostly redheads). Eyebrows just need to be added where they are missing and then brushed with a brush to give a more natural look. Important note - eyebrows are not twins, they are sisters! Therefore, do not worry unnecessarily to make them the same shape. Just make sure that the eyebrows on both sides are the same width.

TIP: The ideal product is Powder eyebrow shadow.



The easiest and fastest way is to use an eye pencil. The top lines always emphasize beautiful eyes. I would recommend 16h matic eyeliner. Beware of using lines on your lower eyelid, if you suffer from under-eye circles. You can inadvertently highlight these circles. In my opinion, mascara is one of the things where you see the difference in quality and price at first glance. Some just paint lashes, others really curl them and increase the volume. My absolute favorite is the Ultra tech mascara.  It really fulfills the effect that it promises. 

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There is nothing more useful for moms than a kiss-proof lipstick 16h lip color. After applying this lipstick, you do not have to worry that you will leave stains on your child. Available in countless shades.

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June 06, 2019