How to get perfect lips? Lipsticks, Lip glosses, Lip liners

Apply the lip liner, lipstick and gloss to make miracles - enlarge and improve your lips. We will teach you tricks how to make your lips stand out and look more attractive. There are women who won’t go out on the street without lipstick. On the other hand, there are quite a lot of women who don’t use lipstick at all. Whether you belong to the first or second group, read this tips to get fuller, bigger and irresistible lips that you’ve always wanted.

TIP: The skin on the lips can be often dry, cracked and with dead skin cells. That is why we recommend for all lipstick and lip glosses lovers a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips. Apply the scrub twice a week, together with hydrating creams. Try coconut oil or shea butter. If you want to have perfect lips, you need to learn some tricks.

Basic scrub

A teaspoon of sugar

5-6 drops of olive oil

Mix it together in a bowl and apply the mixture on your lips. Thoroughly massage your lips using fingers and rinse with water. Each scrub should be followed by at least 15 minutes of hydration. You can use for example coconut oil for that.

Magically full lips

Everything that shines looks optically bigger. This also applies to lips. You can gain the look of full lips with glitters or glosses. If you wish to have only gloss, Metallic Lips is the choice number one. For those who love both lipsticks and glosses, the perfect product is 16h lip colour.

When it comes to colors, warm shades such as pink or champagne color can also create an impression of fuller lips. On the contrary, matte and dark shades make the effect of thinner lips. Forget about burgundy, dark brown or black shades.

If you're used to using a lip liner, start just above the natural lip line, never apply the lip liner too far from your lip line - it wouldn’t look nice and natural.

TIP: Beware of exaggerated glitter lipsticks in your casual look, glitter is more suitable for evening makeup.

How to apply lipstick on full lips?

Do you have the opposite problem and your lips look like after an aesthetic surgery? You can learn how to apply lip products so your lips don’t look rather ridiculous.

In evening makeup you can use any color in combination with a lip liner, but for casual look put emphasis on natural beauty of your full lips.

Before using lipstick, it is recommended that you apply a foundation over your lips and fix it with a powder. Then apply matte lipstick without gloss effect - Pretty matte lipstick is a perfect choice. Use natural-looking colors, for example beige or powder pink.

Lip liners aren’t recommended for big and full lips, but if you want to use it, apply a dark lip liner to lip corners and spread it over your lips until faded, then apply lipstick.

TIP: If you don’t want to attract attention to your full lips, just highlight the eyes and use balm on your lips.

Wider lower lip

You can make the lower lip look thinner if you use optical contrast by applying darker color on the lower lip and lighter color on the upper lip. Add a lip gloss to the center of the upper lip. You can also fill the lower lip with a lip liner and spread it with a fingertip or a napkin. On the upper lip apply the lip liner above the lip line and the lower lip line inside the lip surface.

Downturned lip corners

In this case, do not apply lip liner to the corners of your lips, especially do not apply lip liner to the corners of the upper lip, and turn the lower line upwards before the corners of your lips. You can even do exercise so your lips are not is the shape of a horseshoe. Try to choose from natural shades of lipsticks.



January 23, 2019 — Petra Lukasikova
Makeup for glasses? It’s never been easier!

Makeup for glasses? It’s never been easier!

Just as it's important to find suitable glasses for your face type, it's important to choose the right makeup under them. We are going to propose makeup for two types of glasses. 

Distinctive glasses

As the first we have glasses with dominant frames that attract attention. Therefore we don’t need to highlight the eyes that much. We can choose a more subtle makeup.

First, we apply cleansing water, then apply a primer that will help to smooth and even your skin, and then apply your favorite foundation. Use fixative powder to set everything in place and apply the blush.

If the makeup is done we can focus on the eye area. Although many women think that eyebrows under glasses can not be seen, it is a mistake. The eyebrows should always be adjusted with an eyebrow pencil or shadow. Comb the brows with a brush and fill it with a pencil or shadows

Don’t use darker color of the eyebrow pencil or shadow and it is also undesirable to use eyeliner. The glasses are quite distinctive, and in combination with distinctive lines or smokey eye makeup would have an unpleasant effect.

If you can’t skip eye lines, use only a thin line on the upper eyelid. A very useful to create a thin line is a liquid eyeliner. We choose pastel or slightly shimmering shadows. For the eye-catching glasses, the eyes don’t have to be highlighted that much.

Mascara is important in this case and therefore use any of your favorite mega lashes from Dermacol.

You can wear whatever color of lipstick you wish, there is no limit for your imagination.

Less distinctive glasses

The basic routine for less distinctive glasses is similar as described for dominant frames.

Cleanse the skin, use a primer, foundation and fix it with powder. Conceal your under eye area with a concealer to have more fresh look.

For this type of glasses we can use darker eye shadows. You can add to the intensity of eyeshadows. Strong lines on both top and bottom eyelid, and also smokey eyeshadows work great. Use a highlighter to lighten and brighten the inner eye corner. Place the darker eye shadow to the outer area of the eye.

Again, do not forget to use mascara.

Put on a bright lipstick color, try 16h lip color.



Where the glasses touch your face put a thin layer of products.

Match the color of your lipstick with the color of your glasses. If your glasses are neutral color you can wear lipstick of any color.

January 17, 2019 — Petra Lukasikova
Winter makeup tip: How to be beautiful in the winter weather and keep skin from drying out!

Winter makeup tip: How to be beautiful in the winter weather and keep skin from drying out!

The basis of a good-looking skin is the cleansing routine. It removes dirt from the skin and prepares it for makeup application. The change between indoor and outdoor temperatures can be harmful for the skin. Temperature changes make the skin dry, so it tends to turn red and small flakes of dead skin can also appear.

On such skin is best to use a special care such as Dermacol Sensitive Calming Toner or Sensitive Cleansing Milk.

 After thorough cleansing, apply a nourishing cream with a rich texture and a highly protective effect that soothes the skin, for example, Natural almond day cream or Princess cream. We recommend using night creams during the winter. These creams eliminate formation of flakes on the face, especially between the eyebrows and the nose. Absolutely perfect is Queen night cream.

When the cream is absorbed by the skin, continue with primer and makeup. Do not forget that during the winter months a makeup without an adequate hydration can dry the skin. Please, also keep in mind that Dermacol Make-up Cover is a high covering makeup and it is important to apply a primer under it. If you suffer from dark under eye circles, use a corrector to overcome this deficiency.

Do not forget to use transparent fixative powder, which naturally mattes the skin, fixes the makeup and protects it all day long.

The lighter layers of makeup, the smaller load on the skin.

Eyes and eyebrows: We recommend light colors like white and pink in a casual makeup. Start with a white underlying eye shadow, apply it to the entire eyelid. In the second step use a pale-pink shade in the inner corner and under the eyebrows. Apply a darker pink eye shadow to the entire eyelid.

Lips: Put on your lips a thin layer of a long-lasting makeup. Then, highlight the contours of your lips by a pencil and apply colored lipstick. Apply a transparent fixative powder and gently press your lips into a paper towel. Apply the contour pencil and colored lipstick once more. The color will last longer and your lips will not dry out. If you are tired of dry and cracked lips, we recommend Trendy high-pigmentation moisturizing lipsticks (Magnetique lipstick) that will attract everyone to your lips as a magnet. These lipsticks contain vitamin E and caring oils that keep your lips beautifully hydrated. Available in 17 shades, from popular nude to distinctive red. Practical click-wrap with an attractive design.

Beautiful skin requires a proper care, so do not forget to drink and cleanse your skin regularly.

January 03, 2019 — Petra Lukasikova
Thank you for being part of our history and keep up with us in 2019

Thank you for being part of our history and keep up with us in 2019

Dermacol Make-up Cover was created as the first high-coverage make-up of its kind in the world back in the 1960s.
It started in the very heart of Europe, in the Barrandov Film Studios in Prague.
Fabledlook started in September 2012 as a small shop in the Czech Republic in the Middle of Europe and now we sell all over the world.

Thank all customers for your loyalty!!!

December 20, 2018 — Petra Lukasikova
Corrector! How to use color correcting concealer? How and where to apply it to cover up blemishes?

Corrector! How to use color correcting concealer? How and where to apply it to cover up blemishes?

Color Correcting for Flawless Face!

How to use color correcting concealer? How and where to apply it to cover up blemishes?

Most of us use normal concealer. It is an ideal tool to mask imperfections on your face but sometimes it’s not enough.  There is acne, redness, dark under-eye circles and so much more. All of this can be cancelled out by using color corrector.

Many women have already included the concealer in their makeup routine. However, most of us have only one corrector in a lighter shade than our skin for brightening up circles under eyes and dark spots, or a second corrector to cover the imperfections. More and more sellers started to offer color correctors, each color has a specific effect on the skin. They are available in green, white, orange and yellow color. All those color correctors can be used either after makeup application and before using standard corrector or powder, or after primer and before makeup.

GREEN CORRECTOR – neutralizes redness and spider veins along your nose and cheeks.

YELLOW CORRECTOR – cover bruises, veins and other purple and blue imperfections.

NUDE CORRECTOR – evens your skin tone and effectively covers pigment spots and small scars.

HIGHLIGHTER – brightens, adds shine to your skin and provides a fresh look. 

Frequent mistake!

If you use a color corrector (for skin imperfections or dark circles), remember to fix it right after the application! (Invisible fixing powder is the best)

First, apply a primer, then put on your makeup and then apply the corrector. And don’t forget to fix it with a powder. Ideally use a transparent powder. You can easily apply classic or blushing powder on the transparent one.

If you are covering the imperfections before applying makeup, we also recommend applying a transparent powder after the application of the color corrector. This also makes the makeup last much longer.

If you don’t do that, believe that the corrector will be the first to be wiped out of your face.  So do not forget to fix it! 


December 20, 2018 — Petra Lukasikova
How to get rid of cellulite and slim down? Advice and explanation here!

How to get rid of cellulite and slim down? Advice and explanation here!

Have you been thinking of doing something with your figure? Does cellulite bother you? DERMACOL ENJA will take you to the stage!

DERMACOL ENJA is a product line designed for women. Helps to shape female curves and slim down problematic parts, strengthen the skin, prevent stretch marks and get rid of cellulite. Whether you are happy with your figure or you are working on it, DERMACOL ENJA is here to help you. You can use or combine more than one product, which increases the efficiency. You have countless choices to get the best care. DERMACOL ENJA product line will take your body to the stage!

Say goodbye to cellulite and slim down problematic parts!


ENJA NIGHT is designed to effectively prevent fat deposition and accelerate the drainage of water and toxic substances from the body at night when a maximum effect can be achieved. If applied regularly, your skin becomes firmer and an orange peel effect is noticeably reduced.

Use: Apply using circular motions onto the problematic parts of your body every evening.


Before application, it is always good to warm the skin in a shower or a bath. It helps the cream to get deeper into open pores. Do not forget about drinking regime that helps cleanse the body and drain harmful substances out of the body. Ideally, we should drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Before you go to bed, calculate how much you have drunk during the day. Drinks do not include coffee, tea and alcohol.

Exfoliating gel for buttocks and hips with an effective lipo-reductive system Lipomoist®, caffeine and seaweed. Active ingredients help to slim down and remodel your buttocks and hips.

Clinical studies of the National Institute for Public Health in Prague confirm slimming of the buttocks and hips up to one size in a month.


The application is more efficient if it is joined with a massage. Perfect for the massage are special “hedgehog” balls! If you are really looking for a perfect butt, we recommend making some squats before applying! Be careful not to have knees in front of your toes! 20 squats every day plus ENJA LIFT-GEL for BUTTOCKS & HIPS equals beautiful buttocks and hips.

Slimming belly gel with caffeine, aescin and special polysaccharides that stimulate the breakdown of fats in the skin and prevents them from being deposited. The result is flat belly with stronger and more elastic skin.
Clinical studies of the National Institute for Public Health in Prague confirm the slimming of the abdominal area up to one size in a month.


ABDOMEN RESHAPING gel should be also massaged into the skin with circular motions of your fingers. If you cut down on bakery, you can also help your belly not to feel inflated.

Let's not forget that shaping your figure is not just about creams, but also about healthy lifestyle. Less calorie meals, plenty of movement and the right drinking regime will provide you a complete transformation. Dermacol can only encourage and speed you up to achieve it.

December 12, 2018 — Petra Lukasikova
Big makeup brushes! Necessity or futility? Are they worth buying?

Big makeup brushes! Necessity or futility? Are they worth buying?

Brushes are essential tools on the way to a perfect makeup. But do you know how to use them and which part of the face is a specific type of brush dedicated to?

1, Powder brush - a very important brush

Powder brush is a “must have” among your cosmetic tools. Even if you don’t like brushes, buy at least one of this type. Various powders sometimes include a puff, which is in my opinion absolutely useless. Puffs apply more powder than necessary and often create maps on the face. An ideal powder brush has a long handle to work well with it and excels with long, round cut fibers.

Choose a bulky brush with good density and soft fibers to avoid scratching when applying products on your face. Take a smaller amount of a powder and do not push hard on the brush - you do not want to create an unnatural mask on your face, but just fix and matte the overall makeup.

2, Brushes for makeup and BB cream 
You can choose from several types of brushes for liquid makeups and creams. A so-called foundation brush, or a makeup brush is a traditional one. It is flat and has longer, firm and dense fibers. However, working with it requires some skill and experience. Put your makeup on the back of your hand and use this brush to spread it on your face just as you would when applying with fingers.

Another brush, which is easier to use and to create a natural look, is the stipple brush. It is characterized by straight fibers cut in two lengths, each one of different color. Make points on your face to apply the makeup and then blend it into the skin making circles. Remember, that the higher density of fibers means a lower consumption of makeup and better results at the same time.

3, Brush for a blush - a very important brush
This brush category is called “blush brush” and includes various shapes and structures of fibers. The reason is that different blushers have a different consistency and pigmentation. Their application therefore requires a different kind of brush.
There is a common rule that on powder and highly pigmented blushers you should use a softer, round cut brush. On a baked blush use a bevel brush with firmer fibers, which make the application of blush more effective.

4, Fan Brush for a highlighter
The use of a highlighter isn’t one of the basic steps of the makeup, but you should know that using it can make your skin naturally shine and give your face more natural contours. Nevertheless I consider these brushes unnecessary, as you can usually use your own fingers or a makeup brush.

5, Kabuki Brush
Kabuki brushes deserve its own category because they are simply amazing and can be used practically for everything. These include bulky, thick, long-fiber brushes with very short handles that are great for applying all types of powders or bronzers.

The so-called flat kabuki (long handle brushes with very dense, rather short and straight cut fibers) can be used to apply makeup, blush or highlighter. It is also great for compact powders.
The high-quality kabuki brushes are velvet smooth and so dense, that the fibers do not "lay down” while in use. You can even make the brush stand on the bristles.

December 06, 2018 — Martin Válek
How to get rid of dark under eye circles? Here are our tips!

How to get rid of dark under eye circles? Here are our tips!

 Advices how to fight dark under eye circles are the same important as a way to mask them. At least for us who suffer with this nuisance. So how to properly cover dark circles? Let us help you!

  1. Don’t underestimate morning facial cleansing

In the morning, wash your face, which will remove sweat, dust and dirt from the night before, and once more gently cleanse your eyes.

Our tip: Clean your face thoroughly in the morning and in the evening. The best product is a micellar non-alcoholic water that does not irritate the skin, such as Aqua beauty micellar lotion. Apply to a cotton pad and clean the skin with gentle strokes. After using cleansing lotion, you do not have to rinse your face with water.

  1. Refresh yourself with an eye cream

Apply an eye cream that refreshes your eyes. The eye cream additionally serves as a reliable base under a concealer. Soft skin under eyes will be hydrated which helps concealer to spread equally, last for the whole day and prevent creation of unpleasant skin flakes.

Hot news is eye gold gel with seven kinds of herbs, which removes traces of tiredness in just a few minutes, while smoothes and rejuvenates your skin at the same time. Perfume-free gel for tired eyes offers a triple effect: relieves eye swelling, refreshes the eye area, and helps to eliminate dark eye circles.

  1. How to choose a color corrector for under eye circles

More than elsewhere here applies: Find the right one. The corrector has to completely match the type and shade of your skin.
The choosing can be made easier thanks to so-called color wheel: The colors in the color wheel which are opposite to each other, eliminate one another. That means that if you want to cover dark purple circles under your eyes, use a yellow corrector. On the other hand, if you want to cancel out a red area under your eyes, you need a corrector with a touch of green shade. A dark blue-colored eye area then reliably neutralizes a peach corrector.

Tip: Try the new Perfect me concealer that amazingly covers skin imperfections and brightens your eye area for 14 hours.*
It reduces dark under eye circles thanks to an active substance BIOPHYTEX® and suppresses signs of tiredness. Practical packaging with a brush and a light texture allows an easy and accurate application.

* In-vivo test (measured by determining the difference between dark area under eyes and normal skin) - within 4 weeks (use twice a day), dark circles are reduced by 64.6%.

BIOPHYTEX® is an active substance that reduces dark circles under eyes, soothes the skin and reduces redness.
It contains extracts from five herbs and yeasts. After the application the skin looks brighter and much healthier.


  1. Use a concealer to maximum advantage

Most of us quickly apply the concealer in the area around eyes, then wait for a few seconds and spread it. Use it more effectively! Concealers are used not only to hide unwanted imperfections on the face, but also for creating an ideal shape of the face. There are always rules for using concealers correctly.

When masking under eye circles we apply a small amount of the concealer in a line from the inner eye corner along the dark circle to the outer corner of the eye. You can make three lines and blend them in with your fingers or a brush. Or you can even try making about half a centimeter large dots, which are then blended in in a similar way as the lines.
The ocular area serves as the basis of a downward triangle. Apply the corrector over its entire length - you only need to draw a thin line, then direct the other two lines from the inner and outer corners of the eye down. This trick is unequaled not only in masking unwanted dark circles under your eyes but it also gives your face a flattering optical lifting.

Finally apply a makeup that will beautifully unify the whole look.

Besides cosmetic care is very important proper hydration of the body. Do not forget to drink! Drinks do not include coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks.


November 29, 2018 — Petra Lukasikova
How to prevent your makeup from clustering in pores or wrinkles?

How to prevent your makeup from clustering in pores or wrinkles?

If you want to prevent unpleasant spots, you must first choose an appropriate makeup shade that should be similar to the color of your skin. It is recommended to use a foundation cream underneath which makes the application of a makeup much easier. Use fingers! Body heat guarantees a better adhesion of pigments to your skin.


How to choose the best makeup for your skin type?

Do you know the feeling when you come to a beauty store and stare unbelievingly at the huge amount of makeups in the shelves? Let us help you to choose the best makeup for your skin type.

Dry or mature skin: It is recommended to use a liquid and easily spreadable makeup which will guarantee the skin’s protection, hydration and nourishment.

Tip: BB Magic Beauty Cream 8in1Noblesse fusion make-up 

Oily skin: For this skin type are most suitable compact powders or oil-free liquid foundation makeups. Focus on the absence of lanolin and paraffin in the ingredients.

Tip: Selfie make-up, Matt control make-up

Combination skin: If you are an owner of combination skin, try an intelligent makeup that can adapt to the needs of your skin. Skin is more matte in the problematic T-zone while moisturized and nourished at the same time.

Tip: Caviar long-stay make-up & correctorDermacol Make-up Cover

Problematic skin with acne:  Women with acne should use only a thin layer of makeup. Otherwise, their face may have the effect of a mask. The most suitable are compact or liquid makeups with the combination of corrector to cover small skin imperfections.

Tip: Dermacol Make-up CoverAcnecover make-up with corrector

It is very important for all skin types to use make up base (primer).

Tip: Black magic make-up base

November 22, 2018 — Petra Lukasikova
Perfect eyebrows step by step: No more trimmed arches!

Perfect eyebrows step by step: No more trimmed arches!

Some of us do not put a great importance on them, however, a perfectly shaped and contoured eyebrows can do miracles with your face and make you look a lot younger.

What do you need?

Tweezers - to shape and trim your eyebrows. Choose a quality equipment, so it won’t hurt that much.

Eyebrow pencil – use sharp pencil. Its color should respond to your natural eyebrows color.

Eyebrow shadows - usually more matted than those for eyelids. I recommend to use a shade of brown responding to the color of your brows.

Eyebrow brush - it is used to brush and smooth the brows. If you don’t have one, you can also use an old mascara brush.

Angled flat brush - designed for even application of eyebrow shadows.



  1. Forget about lines!

Shaved eyebrows and hard line is not trendy anymore. On older women this can even look quite horrifying. Instead go for natural look.

  1. Find the right shape.

How? Primarily, let’s figure out where your brows should start and end. It should begin above the inside corner of your eye and end above the outer corner of the eye. And how to appropriately reduce the brow hair? The ideal shape for most people is arch. Do not radically change the shape. Only trim the brows, so it wouldn't seem disheveled and too dense. Brow hair are usually trimmed in the lower line from the center to the outer eye corner.

TIP FOR YOU: If you’re not sure how to shape your brows, use a white eyeliner pencil and draw the desired shape. Hair behind the line then must be trimmed.

  1. If you feel uncertain pay a visit to a beautician.

Are you still not sure about the right shape? Visit your local beautician. She will help you find the perfect shape and show you how to do it at home. You will then only keep the shape.

  1. When there’s a lack of hair

Do you have bald spots? Softly draw short lines with a eyebrow matching pencil. Before you start, brush your brows with a comb for natural and compact appearance.

  1. How to highlight eyebrows?

Either use eyebrow pencil or powder shadow that is applied with angled flat brush. In case of the shadow the result will be more natural and perfect. What shade to choose? Of course the one which will match your brow and suit your eye color. When highlighting eyebrows, start from the nose edge to the outer eye corner. Try powder shade with foam applicator instead of pencil. It looks more natural and it is waterproof, so you will be perfect even on a beach. Very important is to choose the proper shade, that should be a little bit darker than the current color of your hair.

“If you love natural make-up try making it special with thick eyebrows.” It looks decent but at the same time very stylish and helps to define face contours.

November 15, 2018 — Petra Lukasikova